• Website Developers In Peterborough look back on 2010

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    Online Website Development in Brief for 2010:

    In brief, what do you remember as being key influential digital debates for 2010? For starters, some said that lean-back/lean-forward technology (TV and PC online browsing) would never work in harmony. Take a look yourself, pop into John Lewis Peterborough and see for yourself how seamless the experience can be.

    2010 also saw the surge for mobile search, which highlights how hard and complicated it is to get right. As users, we expect the online experience from mobiles to be the exactly the same as fixed-line connections – (from our broadband internet). Unfortunately this is really hard to deliver due to data transfers being a little hit and miss.

    2011 will continually see the encouragement of FMCG (Fast moving Consumer Goods for you non-acronym types) to be more “creative” and deliver results to keep them in the sights of consumers like you and me. For online web designers and web developers, this is great news as it means more creativity all round – yippee, lets get those crayons out again…

    Brave Creative in Peterborough and Northampton is one of the leading design agencies in the area which main focus is to design to communicate rather than decorate – what a great saying don’t you agree and one we swear by… woops, another 10p in the swear box…

    Enjoy 2011, it’s going to be very interesting.

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