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    Just a few years ago, research firm Forrester claimed that Windows was the only desktop system you need. Though, with Mac sales increasing, is this really true? Microsoft still holds the throne for compatibility and widespread global use, but Macs are selling more than ever – and recent reports now suggest that the ‘best employees’ prefer to use them. The report comes from analyst David Johnson, and could signal a move that sees more Macs being implemented into work places.

    Johnson claimed that Mac users are the ‘heroes’ and ‘heavy hitters’ within businesses and organisation, and that Windows PCs only slow employees down. Fortune reported this recently, and has caused controversy. Can anyone really claim that all Windows users are inferior to Mac users? Of course not. It’s just a matter of opinion.

    The fact here though is that Macs could soon be implemented into more workplaces. Mac business sales grew a huge 50.9 percent at the end of 2011, very easily outpacing Apple’s market leading overall growth in Mac sales.

    Obviously many people think Apple Mac as being a “creative” machine only capable of working with Design and Video – Wrong…. I’m afraid. At Brave Creative, all our offices are Mac’d out!

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