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    We all know it’s important to make our websites accessible to anyone… but some businesses are less forgiving than others. The Australian online retailer Kogan recently announced that they are levying a 6.8% tax on all customers who use Internet Explorer 7 to make purchases on their website. This rate was chosen because it has been six years and eight months since the software launched, and web developers at the company have to spend an extensive amount of time ensuring that their site appears correctly on this old-fashioned browser.

    What’s more, the tax is going to increase by 0.1% for every month that users continue to use IE7 when making purchases. Techies, fellow entrepreneurs and customers have been widely supportive of the move, (as have Brave Creative) as a warning is shown visibly on screen for any users still using IE7. Download links are also provided to newer and more recent versions of browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox. On a purchase costing $200, the tax would add $13.60 to the overall bill. It’s hoped that no customers end up paying the surcharge, as owners simply want to make the Internet a better place. Remember: if you want to bring your website into the 21st century and ensure it has a chance of being viewable correctly, we’re here to help.

    At Brave Creative, we do offer a service which covers cross browser checks for all major versions which will ensure your site can be viewed correctly and all functionality continues to work perfectly. And if you’re a fellow web design/developer, then here’s a run down of some of the best cross browser tools available to help you in your quest for perfection….


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