• Increase blog traffic by targeting an audience that’s likely to share!


    One of the best ways to increase traffic to your blog is to target an audience that is likely to share your content. When you’re strategising about who you are writing for, you should always consider whether your audience is likely to share or not. Some readers may be more likely due to their use of social networking sites, whilst others may not. For instance, the young audience would be most likely to reblog, retweet or share on Facebook –whereas older users may be less likely to do so.

    Consider also the fact that there are three kinds of people you are writing for – these include people interested in the topic, those who are interested and have social networking accounts, and then heavy users who may run their own blogs or sites. You want to aim your content at the latter two in particular. Heavy users will have an established audience willing to listen to suggestions, and content distributors (those with social networking accounts) will still have influence over their friends and family, and followers/friends from all over the world.

    Brave Creative offer Blog Content Writing strategies and can take away the chores of coming up with editorial content for you.

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